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Updated: Feb 12

With the new year upon us I look back on this past one and can't help, but feel an immense amount of gratitude for the wonderful clients in my life. Whether we've just met or have had the pleasure of knowing one another for a number of years, seeing our connection deepen and grow with every encounter is one of the things I love most about what I do. It gives me great pleasure to know that I can have such a positive and lasting impact on a person's life - someone I may not have otherwise crossed paths with and yet despite that we've come together forming a bond that is unmatched to that of any other and one that we both come to cherish dearly.

I am of the belief that it's not what you do, but who you do it with and while this still rings true for me, I have to say the dates I've had this past year have been some of the most memorable ones yet. Maybe I'm not getting whisked around the world in your private jet (where's my jet daddy at?) but I have had some world class dining experiences with the loveliest of company. If you asked me what my top 3 restaurants were that would be difficult to say because each one stands out in its own unique way as a special moment that we've shared with one another. In terms of food though, I'll give you my top 5 - Niku, Saison, Daniel, Le Bernardin and The Modern rank high on my list of top restaurants this year. I love a good dinner date, but that's not the only thing that makes my knees weak and my heart skip a beat! I've also seen a couple of Broadway shows, most recently Some Like It Hot which I definitely recommend seeing before it leaves Broadway. Any fans of Marilyn Monroe will appreciate this witty and charming take on an old classic. I personally felt that both the screenplay and the acting were incredibly well done, though apparently others would beg to differ as that's the reason its sadly leaving the stage :( As an aficionado of the fine arts I always enjoy a night on the town that includes a show, live music or the ballet. Speaking of which, ballet season is almost upon us and I'm dying to see a performance or two this season either here in SF or in NYC. Perhaps you'll be the lovely gent who gets to accompany me!

I've also been the lucky recipient of numerous shopping fueled escapades. Some of which were truly memorable. There's nothing like a trip to Cartier or Chanel to make a girl feel like a queen! My tastes may be refined and nothing short of exquisite, but growing up in a middle class family with a mother who was incredibly frugal such extravagances were not the norm and while I may be fortunate to enjoy in some of life's luxuries now, it's something I will never take for granted and will always relish with childlike glee.

Aside from these wonderfully thoughtful dates it's the individuals themselves that stand out the most. Very often it's just a simple afternoon reprieve spent relaxing at my incall or your hotel suite. Immersed in discussions about our latest reads, recent travels and our opinions on current affairs with the occasional addition of bubbly or treats to fuel our intellectually stimulating and often steamy tete a tetes. It's not always about the physical connection, and I've found that what often sustains a long lasting connection is the rapport we build with one another. In this line of work there's always the fine line of wanting to respect each others privacy and also wanting to allow you to get acquainted with me beyond who I am as an escort. As a result I've become very adept at knowing how to read what people want and also cultivating an environment that nurtures both depth and desire.

I always like to start a new year by reflecting back on the past one. The things I enjoyed most, the things I'd like to achieve and what I hope to leave behind. Here are a few:

Highlights of 2023

  • The many incredible dining experiences I've had.

  • Traveling and meeting wonderful new friends along the way.

  • Going to Cartier for my birthday!

  • Reigniting my passion for reading thanks to a lovely gent <3

  • Connecting with some amazing providers.

  • My photoshoots with Hello Miss and Black Lotus.

  • Staying at The Plaza for the first time and also getting to do a photoshoot there as well.

  • Getting into a daily practice of yoga and/or meditation which is has been extremely beneficial for body, mind and soul. Not to mention it's a great stress reliever and I feel like nothing or no one can get in my way!

  • Reconnecting with some old friends and really making a point to spend more time with family and nurturing those relationships.

Things I'm Looking Forward To In 2024/Goals

  • Continuing my yoga and meditation practice.

  • Check more stars off my wishlist! Excited for the much anticipated Quince this month!

  • FINALLY taking a much deserved vacation to Europe and continuing to travel more.

  • More incredible dates with you! (obviously)

  • More FMTY's (or with you).

  • Spending more time in NYC.

  • More duos would be fun :)

What I Hope To Leave Behind

  • Less stress and more living in the moment.

  • Less judgement.

  • Letting go of what no longer serves me and making room for new and better things.

  • Taking time to slow down and appreciate life/the little things.

  • Finding more balance with social media - this is a particularly challenging one as it's such a huge part of what I do, but I spend far too much time getting lost in the "scroll hole".

  • Less sugar - the pandemic has left me with an insatiable sweet tooth and while I do love sweets, a girls got to maintain her figure too! I guess I can't always have my cake and eat it too!

Whatever your goals are for this year, I hope that they include plenty of time spent with moi! I'm a great way to spend any day or night, but there's really no better way to kick off the new year than with me by your side (or under, or over you!).

Hoping 2024 is filled with love and happiness! I forward to seeing you soon darling!

xoxo Emma

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