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"Her eyes stole my heart, her smile gave me life, her presence made me high, her touch left me breathless"


Hello there darling,

Whether it’s by chance that you should find yourself in my little corner of the world, or you’ve been admiring from afar and finally found the right moment to say hello, welcome darling, I’m so happy to have you here. 

Like me, you have an appetite for what is rare and uncomplicated, what thrills and excites, yet feels as familiar as an old flame. It's the magic and mystery that draws us together and I endeavor to be a beacon of brightness, transporting you to a world where you and I can do exactly as we please and then returning you back to yours until we meet again. 

Me? I’m impossibly sweet and especially feminine. A sylphlike blonde with a heart-melting smile, soft, supple lips that dare to be kissed, and innocent, bright blue eyes that when they meet yours, it will feel as though only you and I exist.

Whether I’m on or in your arms you’ll find my demeanor is always exceptionally warm, naturally poised and entirely without airs. I combine girl next door charm with the elegance and savoir faire of high caliber company, with a quiet self-assuredness at my core that leaves a lasting impression on those I meet.

My ideal suitor is one I can learn from. One who loves to fuel my passions and desire for knowledge. Who like me, adores being showered with affection and happiness, and one who finds intellect and beauty equally enthralling. Nothing seduces like that of an intellectually titillating tete a tete and foreplay that begins long before our clothes hit the floor…

Should our paths cross (as I suspect they might) my hope is that you and I will create something rather divine. This is our perfectly constructed opportunity to step into a world of our own making. One unbound by responsibility and time, where the pursuit of pleasure is met with a bit of wild abandon and our inhibitions are checked at the door.


If you value exclusivity and quality connections that deepen and unravel with every encounter, then you and I are well on our way to something rather extraordinary. 

With anticipation,

xoxo Emma

about a girl

BASED IN: San Francisco

AGE: Early 30's

BIRTHDAY: October 12th

BODY TYPE: Slender

HEIGHT: 5'4"

EYES: Blue 

HAIR: Blonde & mid length

ENHANCEMENTS: None, all natural

TATTOOS/PIERCINGS: Tasteful tattoos on arms & back, classic earlobe piercings

EDUCATION: BFA from an art school

STYLE: Elegant & feminine 

a little closer...

PLACE: I adore Paris, NYC, London & Milan - the list keeps growing!

HOBBY: Yoga, pilates, rock climbing, traveling, collector of vintage designer pieces & Michelin stars

FILM: Classic movies & French films - Breakfast At Tiffanys is an all time fave. 

READING: Historical non-fiction

MUSIC: My tastes are varied & eclectic, ranging from Nina Simone, Lana Del Ray, Françoise Hardy & even classical when the mood strikes

FOOD: Omakase, Italian & French

COCKTAIL: French 75, though I much prefer fine wine & champagne

PASTIMES & PLEASURES: Spontaneity, dark chocolate truffles, the irreverent & indecent, sunsets/sunrises, simplicity & decadence, deep belly laughs

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