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"You are a peace and a flame, you steady and stir me all at once. "


Those who know me describe me as enchantingly warm and effortlessly poised – your enigmatic muse with just enough je ne sais quoi to keep you on your toes. I smile often, live passionately, and I'm happiest when I'm uninhibitedly following my pleasures. 

I adore spending time with individuals who share my enthusiasm for the extravagance of a thoughtfully curated tryst. Who finds intellect and beauty equally enthralling and one who endeavors to fill our moments with joy and happiness. 

It's the magic and mystery that draws us together. The electric clink of our glasses high above the city, the tantalizing foreplay of knowing glances over crisp white tablecloths, and the lingering anticipation at the thought of what might come next. 

Whether we are writing our initial preface or the latest chapter in a series of adventures, there will be no sense left unenchanted and no page left unturned. I want to be your muse, the peace and a flame that steadies and stirs you all at once. 


Hello darling,

I'm Emma, and I am so thrilled you've found me. Make no mistake; you've landed here for a reason. It's the thrill and excitement of this hush-hush world – the spark of a new flame igniting the air between us and a yearning for the decadent and sublime that aches in your bones. Here, our worlds collide, time lingers, and inhibitions loosen - each moment weaves an inexplicable bond that pulls us irresistibly closer. 

Your breath catches as you take in my sylphlike figure. The exquisiteness of silk against my skin, perfectly hugging every curve and contour - I am your gift, ready for unwrapping. The soft, suppleness of lips that dare to be kissed and cheeks that dimple when I smile. You love the sweet giggles that constantly escape me, my cheeky sense of humor, and my unapologetic charm. The way my bright, blue eyes sparkle when they meet yours, drinking you in and making you come undone. 

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bare essentials

BASED IN: San Francisco

AGE: Early 30's

BIRTHDAY: October 12th

BODY TYPE: Slender and all natural, no enhancements

HEIGHT: 5'4"

EYES: Blue 

HAIR: Blonde & mid length

TATTOOS/PIERCINGS: Tasteful tattoos on arms & back, classic earlobe piercings

EDUCATION: BFA from an art school

STYLE: Elegant & feminine 

pastimes & pleasures

PLACE: I adore Paris, NYC, London & Milan - the list keeps growing!

INTERESTS: Collector of passport stamps, Michelin stars & rare vintage pieces, francophile & bibliophile, lover of the fine arts (ballet, classic art, symphony, theatre), yoga & pilates enthusiast, amateur rock climber


FILM: Classic movies & French films - Breakfast At Tiffany's is an all-time fave. 

READING: Historical non-fiction

MUSIC: My tastes are varied & eclectic, ranging from Nina Simone, Lana Del Ray, Françoise Hardy & even classical when the mood strikes

FOOD: Omakase, Italian & French

COCKTAIL: French 75, though I much prefer fine wine & champagne


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